Some of the Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

Australia is famous for many things not forgetting that it is home to some of the most dangerous animals. The land and water animals are considered dangerous based on the threat they pose when they attack whether it’s biting or stinging. Some of these animals can be seen at the Australian Museum, Sydney.

  • The Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Most spiders are known to be dangerous and the funnel spider web is no exception.  Found in logs and bricks, the bite is quite painful and deadly. The neurotoxin in their venom is what causes death.

  • Eastern Brown Snake

Australia is known to have plenty of snakes. Although there are many species, eastern brown snakes are known to be quite dangerous. The problem with this snake is that they are found across the country and they bite fast. Actually, due to the fact that they are widely found, they have been responsible for most deaths from snake bites in the country. About 3.2 feet, the eastern brown snake bite can be fatal or lead to paralysis.

  • The Blue-Ringed Octopus

The blue-ringed octopus might be small but it is quite dangerous especially when it is disturbed. What causes death, when bitten by this … Read More


Some of the Unique Animals that are found in Australia

Australian is a place of wonders. From the beaches, the attraction sites to unique animals, there is so much that is fascinating about this continent. While Africa celebrates ostrich as its largest bird, Australia on the other hand celebrates Emu. If you are an animal lover, the country has unique species.

  • Kangaroo

When unique animals in Australia are mentioned, kangaroos come into mind. Kangaroos are famous for carrying their babies in pouches on their stomach and despite the possibility of running at a speed of up to 35miles per hour, the baby never fall off the pouch. The baby stays in the pouch for about two months before they can start walking on their one after birth. With the millions of these animals found in forests, you can be assured that during your time in Australia you will see a mob of kangaroos.

  • Tasmanian Devil

This animal has an interesting name and this is not the only thing that makes it interesting and unique. Although it is commonly found in the island state of Tasmania, it was originally native to mainland Australia. The devils do not choose what kind of meat, they eat any kind of meat and are said … Read More