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A hand full of some of the deadliest animals in the world resides in Australia. During your holiday or visit to this wonderful country, ensure that you are always on the lookout and never distracted. If you are alert you will be able to spot some of the animals that will be listed in this article before attack you.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the deadliest animals in Australia.


Box Jellyfish

On the top of the list of the deadliest animals in Australia is the box jellyfish. This underwater creature is usually found during the warmer seasons when a lot of people will want to take a swim. This underwater predator has a danger rating of 10. A sting from a box jellyfish is excruciatingly painful and can cause cardiac arrest which will lead to death. Before swimming in a water body, do well to check if there is jellyfish warning sign.


The honey bee

The second on the list of the deadliest animals in Australia is the honey bee. To some, the honey bee might not look like a serious threat. But for a second, imagine being stung by more than a hundred honey bee simultaneously. A sting from a honey bee usually causes a very sharp and burning pain. The honey bee has a danger rating of 9. If you happen to see a beehive, do not approach it or even come close to it so that you will not be attacked by the bees in them.


The bull shark

This monster can be found it the coastal waters, harbors, and rivers in Australia. The bull shark is a scavenger, but it can be a predator too. Never swim close to the carcass of a dead whale. There is a high possibility that the shark killed the whale. The bull shark has a danger rating of 8.


The Eastern brown snake

This snake has a fierce reputation in Australia; it is responsible for numerous bites all over Australia. They can grow up to 3.2 feet in length. If you happen to see this snake, do not go close t it, because if you do, it is definitely going to bite you. A bite by this snake is painless at first, but it left attended to for few minutes, it can lead to paralysis and serious bleeding.

The Eastern brown snake has a danger rating of 8.